Mondays with Momma: First Impressions

The other day Suzy mentioned that she and Brian were coming up on their tenth anniversary of having met each other … I’m thinking, Wow, ten years!  She wanted to know what I thought about blogging a “Mondays with Momma” on my first impression of Brian
since we did not have any reader questions to answer.  I didn’t have any idea what to blog about, so I gladly took the bait. *grin*

Well, I know my first impressions, but first I had to jog my memory on a few things, so I read where Suzy shared our first meeting with Brian in her blog post, Perhaps I should have warned Donovan … then, to help fill in the gaps, I read the eight day blog series, Our WalMart Love Story, that she posted when she went “off the grid” with the birth of Bennett.

It was really, really, really enjoyable taking this trip down memory lane.  I especially enjoyed reading Charley’s and my comments.

As I read Suzy’s story of how she and Brian met, I was reminded, once again, how thankful I am that the relationships she had prior to him never panned out.  I just knew in my heart that they were not the right ones for my daughter.  I knew Suzy had been deeply hurt by her prior experiences, so I was shooting up some extra prayers that this new guy would not hurt her, too.

The night that we first met Suzy’s future husband, Donovan’s reaction was actually a great “ice breaker” for me.  I felt bad for Brian, but I could understand how someone as sensitive as my son would over-react to someone who looked (in his eyes) intimidating.  It was Brian’s reaction to Donovan’s reaction that really touched me. Brian didn’t appear to be upset, just kinda shrugged it off and introduced himself to us like nothing had happened. As we got to know each other that evening I just had this sense that he was sincere and I didn’t need to worry about anything.

In one of Suzy’s blog entries about their love story she mentioned that there was something “deeply comforting” about Brian and how he “always spoke to others with a posture of kindness and gentleness.”  That’s what I mean about him being sincere … he’s the real deal … no hidden agendas, or “What can I get out of this?”  When I see Brian, I see someone who embodies the spirit of a disciple, a Christ-follower … someone that is humble and has a servant’s heart.  Add to that a hard-working man, faithful provider, caring partner and all around awesome dad … what’s not to love?

When I think of Suzy and Brian coming up on their 9th anniversary, having known each other for ten years, it fills my heart with such joy. I’m so glad they have each other, and that they are growing in their relationship with each other as the dynamics of their family life changes.  I pray they have many, many, many more wonderful years together.



  1. September 9, 2013

    I do too!!!

  2. September 9, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    This was a great read. Oh, Hubba…. I still can’t believe he had that reaction. Poor Brian. lol. You know what I like about Brian? It’s like what momma said, what you see is what you get. Nothing to hide. I’m very happy that you all made it this far and I know that it will last a lifetime. I don’t envy you that either. You know what I mean? I am grateful to have seen you two work things out and then the timing of Benny Boo couldn’t have been more perfect. God’s grace is on your family and marriage. It’s a beautiful thing. SO few can testify to the same joy. I love you guys! <3

  3. September 9, 2013
    Memaw & Grandaddy

    `Brian has always told us he loves us when we are on the phone or in person. I have seen him look at Bennett with his eyes glowing with so much love & joy. We are glad to have a grand son like you. LOVE !!! Memaw & Granddaddy

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