More than a winner.

So I’m really not that big of a deal.

I’d like to think that I am sometimes.  But I’m not.  And it is for that reason that when I have contests on Square Piece, I don’t mind allowing friends and family to participate.  It’s not like I’m Coca-Cola or Target or Disney or something.  I’m just Square Piece.  I don’t need staff or agents…  You’re more than welcome to share me with all of your friends and family so that the world might enjoy this silly, square humor and make me so popular that I’m forced to employ assistants, chauffeurs, chefs, brainstormers and the like.

But for now, I’m just little ol’ Square Piece.

And that’s why I don’t mind what happened yesterday when the Otani Free Food winner was declared.

1016492_10152979113910581_145411432_nI had spent the day with both of Bennett’s grandma’s, scoured the town of Woodstock for all of my local grocery purchases ( – even got duck eggs! WOW!), played some Huggermugger (a wordy board game) with the sibs and was ready to jet when I realized that I’d love to have witnesses for my contest drawing.  Olivia looked on as I wrote down the names of everyone who entered and then quickly (’cause I’m quick with scissors) cut and separated each name, 485409_10152980843940581_203032823_nplacing them into Donovan’s handy-dandy ball cap.

It took a little sweet-talking to get Bennett to cooperate.  But eventually he drew a name from the hat.  (You know this happened yesterday because Mandy and I look our worst on Mondays as we’re both off of work.  No makeup, bummy clothes, messy hair.)  Here’s what happened:

Donovan!  My little brother!?!

Well, why not?  Like I said, I’m not some major conglomeration that has to walk on eggshells with these types of things.  My first instinct was, Hold it!  Is this fair?!  But to any who might object and cry foul, I just have this to say: The boy just lost his father a little over a month ago.  Darn it, I’m taking him out to Otani.

Sweet as he can be, he seemed honored and genuinely thanked me, asking, “Hey, you know how you replied to that one comment that it’d be up to the winner if they wanted to go out with you?”

Me, “Yeah?”

Donovan, “Do you think that could be arranged?”

Do I think?  Um, yes.  Yes, I do.  Couldn’t be happier to do so, sweetie.


  1. July 2, 2013

    So happy my fellow bowl cot won! Hope he enjoys every morsel and the excellent company!

  2. July 2, 2013

    congrats to Donovan!!

  3. July 2, 2013



  4. July 8, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    🙂 Hooray for Hubba!

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