My mysterious belly.

Towards the end of the day this past Saturday, I started to think that I was finally showing a baby bump.  Brian saw the difference through my thick coat and was adoringly patting my belly.  In fact, I even updated my Facebook status saying, “I think I started showing this afternoon. Not this morning. This afternoon.

Naturally I received several sweet comments ranging from, “‎:); I think I could tell on Wednesday, even if I didn’t already know. (giggle)” to “I’m sure it’s been ‘showing’ on your face for quite some time =) There’s so much beauty and serenity on the face of a mama-with-child.

Then I awoke on Sunday morn and – false alarm! – my bump was gone.

Apparently Brian was adoringly patting my gas belly, ’cause that’s all it was.  (You’d have a gas belly, too, if you horked down as much meatloaf as I did.)

So I’ve discovered that in the evenings my belly protrudes a bit, and in the mornings I don’t look pregnant anymore.  It’s sort of a Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don’t game.

There were two more lessons learned that Saturday:

  1. When Boston Market gives you a certain number of side options, you must always – ALWAYS! – opt for two sides of mashed potatoes.  One is simply NEVER enough.
  2. It takes less than five minutes to go from feeling disgustingly stuffed to surprisingly hungry.  No exaggeration.

Our conversation leaving the mall on Saturday evening:

Brian: You wanna get some dinner?

Me: Oh, no!  I’m still SO stuffed from lunch.  That was so much Boston Market.

Less than five minutes later we arrived home and I felt a twinge in my tummy.

Me: So… What are we having for dinner?  I know I said I was stuffed, but I just got hungry.  I’m going to need to eat soon.  Do we have potatoes?  Can we make mashed potatoes?

* – commencing urgency and despair – *


  1. April 11, 2012

    Don’t worry, that little guy or gal you’re carrying around will pop up…just wait until you can feel him (or her) move!

  2. April 11, 2012

    LOL, you’re so cute … I enjoy reading these little details in your life.

  3. April 11, 2012
    Margaret Treadwell

    I remember once making David pull over for take out when we were 2minutes from the house….I could not wait that long!

  4. May 1, 2012

    Being pregnant provided me with the only two times in my life I could satisfy my cravings with little guilt!

    Wonderful, but sad.

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