Nine month reflection and ‘pig’lephants.

It’s hard to believe that Bennett is as old as I was pregnant.  What I mean is, ya know, I was pregnant for nine months and now he IS nine months.

This has given me pause.

Pause with me, will you?


*pausing some more*

Good golly it’s just a miracle!  All the way around, just an enormous miracle.  In every way, my heart is completely stolen, utterly smitten with this little guy and the ways in which he is growing.

So what did Bennett’s nine month birthday look like?  Well, it looked like me teetering on a kitchen chair to get the perfect shot of Bennett below, charting his growth next to the Sunday Comics.  It looked like changing him into the elephant overalls that his Uncle Joey and Aunt Caitlin got him for Christmas.  (At the time, I thought they were huge and that Bennett wouldn’t fit them for decades!  Well, he sure does fit them.  And, upon further inspection, those elephants appear to be ‘pig’lephants.)  It looked like nursing in the very, very way back of church, behind a curtain.  (The usual.)  It looked like napping all scrunched up with that poofy diaper butt risen above his folded legs.  It looked like a little leftover fussiness from the exhausting day we had prior to this one, chasing a fever round and round.  It looked like cantaloupe, rice, melon and sweet potato.  It looked like his cousin Sophia’s first birthday party.  It looked like bath time and story time with Daddy.

It looked humble, average and perfect.

Nine months.


  1. July 29, 2013

    you know something that’s really awesome about this blog is that it keeps record of so many of your emotions, reflections, events, experiences that you may not be able to remember after 30 years or whatever. and it’ll always be here for bennett (and maybe future babies?) to look at when he’s old or even show his grandkids. its a written testimony of how much he was loved to pieces, long before he was even born.

    • That I “may not” be able to remember? Oh, Abbie, you give me too much credit. I definitely won’t be able to remember. I, too, am thankful to have something to look back on and hope that Square Piece can always be accessed!

  2. July 29, 2013
    Karen I

    Sorry if I missed this explanation along the way, but why are you posing him next to the comics each month? Is it to compare size next to something standard, to capture which comics were around at that time, something else? I’m sure you have a fabulous reason!

  3. July 29, 2013
    Aunt Ethelyn

    He looks so happy on the crocheted blanket from his great-great grandmother.

  4. July 29, 2013

    Karen1: it’s to show comparisons of his size monthly.
    Little booger is growing fast. Don’t blink you eyes Suzy.
    Sweet baby Bennett.

  5. July 29, 2013

    What could be better than perfect? He’s hardly average though. I needn’t be as humble, in this regard as you.

    I’d say he’s precocious at the least! Happy nine months little one.

  6. July 29, 2013

    So happy for you and all of us who get to enjoy this with you.

  7. July 29, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    So perfect. I am so glad that you have this sweet bundle of joy.

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