Now that it’s over, pregnancy confessions…

Given the incredible list of topics we’ve covered (subjects that I’m sure you don’t want to revisit), what could I have possibly left out of the blog?  Is there anything left to admit?

Why, yes, yes, there is.

When Brian and I discovered that I was pregnant, I immediately began to feel my world shrink around me as I recalled certain dietary “rules” that had been mentioned over time by the women in my life.

You can’t eat this, you can’t eat that, or this, or that, or this… and don’t forget that.

Well, now that I know I’ve got a healthy baby boy, I have to be real.  Pregnant Square Piece ate a lot of sushi.  I mean A LOT.  Yes, raw fish.  Don’t shake your finger at me, BENNETT needed the sushi!  He was practically begging for it from the womb!  I tried to satisfy him with “fake” sushi (the kind that only has cream cheese and cucumber), but the boy would not be tricked.  On days when the thought of other foods made me nauseous, sushi never seemed to rub me the wrong way.

But I was smart about it.  I mean – hello! – consider for a moment the continent of Asia.  You think they don’t eat sushi when they’re pregnant over there?  HA.  The danger of sushi during pregnancy isn’t sushi itself.  No, it’s not like the sushi is going to actually attack the baby.  On the contrary, the danger of sushi during pregnancy is BAD sushi.  But, you see, isn’t that why God gave us a super human sense of smell during those months?  …So that we could sniff out the bad guys?

So what did I do?  I stuck to the two main establishments from which I’ve ever gotten my best sushi (Wegmans and Otani) because they have NEVER served sketchy sushi (at least not to my knowledge) and I refrained from branching out to other restaurants for duration of my pregnancy (ya know, just in case).

So there you have it.  The same held true for smoked salmon and deli meat.  I’m not sure if I was the rebel or if Bennett was for prompting my cravings.  Either way, we both turned out more than fine!

Don’t forget that I can delete your scathing comments. 😉


  1. November 15, 2012

    I was hoping you would post this soon! I thought of you yesterday after my stop at Subway for a much desired turkey sub!

  2. November 15, 2012

    I craved sushi soooo bad with Jude, it was awful!! I can remember crying bc I wanted some good sushi and couldn’t have it. I had the “fake” stuff or the tempura from time to time and I also would eat it with shrimp or fake crab meat and I also wanted Pei Wei. I wasn’t as brave as you though, but did cheat from time to time………smh! : )

  3. November 15, 2012

    Ooooh I do love these confessions. Thank you. Think of all that great DHA the sushi provided to Bennett in the womb! Everyone has pregnancy confessions: raw milk and cheeses, sangria, loads of turkey sandwiches…just to name my personal favorites.

  4. LOL, I’ve never eaten sushi while pregnant (but not often when not pregnant either!), but I eat a ton of lunch meat. Hot dogs occasionally as well. I just don’t worry about it. You really can only realistically worry about even keeping up WITH all the ever-changing “rules” of pregnancy when it’s your first or second one, much less actually keeping all the rules. By the time it’s #9–who cares?! LOL!

  5. November 15, 2012

    So, I’ve had vegetarian sushi from Wegman’s, but where do you get the cream cheese and cucumber kind? Sounds wonderful. I’m now allergic to all seafood and fish but love sushi (especially with avacado).

    I love your confession. This should be the worst sin you commit in your life! As they say, live and be well. By the way, ‘bad’ sushi should not be eaten when you’re not pregnant either. Poorly prepared fish of any kind is one of the top food poisoning candidates, as I am absolutely positive you know.

  6. November 19, 2012

    Ha! I knew you would be a rebel? 😛 No I’m just teasing. There are so many “rules and guidelines” for anything that one may eat now a days. I say natural is the way to go. I highly doubt that I would follow any food guideline were I ever preggo. 😛

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