Our first anniversary.

Has anyone ever given you a card and, upon opening it, you think, “Did he even read this?”

Exactly six years ago today, those exact words flashed through my mind.  Brian handed me my very first “Happy Anniversary” card.  We had made it one whole year, married.  I’m not sure what your first year of marriage was like (or will be like), but ours was a tough adjustment.  Most “Happy Anniversary” cards are just that – happy…  And maybe a little mushy.  And maybe a little over-the-top dreamy.  So I definitely took my time finding one that reflected exactly how I felt.  And, considering my mother-in-law’s appreciation for gifting cards on any and every occasion, I was sure that Brian inherited the Hallmark gene.

As it turns out, Brian did not inherit the Hallmark gene.  (Or the Papyrus gene, come to think of it.  See that story, here.)

I opened the card and it read something like this:

Your thoughtfulness has a way of touching lives,

Making days a little brighter,

And problems seem a whole lot smaller.

It’s people like you who make a difference in this world.

Thank you

 Brian Spears

There he goes.  He always signs his last name.  Even if it is ME who’s receiving the card.  “Brian Spears.”  Like I don’t know who I’ve married.  Wait…  Where’s the “anniversary” part?  Is this a Thank You card?  Oh my gosh.  This IS a Thank You card!  Did he even look at this?  I think he grabbed the first pretty card he laid eyes on and didn’t even read it!

Square Piece was a little miffed.  My own husband, on our first anniversary, didn’t even read the card.  I resented this and chewed on it for a little while (as women can do).  Then once I could pretend to be nonchalant and breezy, I revisited the card exchange.

Me, “So, Brian, did you really like the card you picked out for me?”

Brian, “Yeah.  I really liked it.”

Me, “Oh, you did?”

Brian, “Yeah.  I really do think you’re thoughtful and kind and make a difference.”

Whoa.  He can quote the card!  He remembers exactly what it said!

Me, “Oh.  I was just surprised because it was a Thank You card and not an Anniversary card.”

Brian paused, hesitated, and then said, “Do they… make anniversary cards?”


That’s so cute… And humbling!   In my head, Brian was being thoughtless; while in his head, he was just thanking me for being married to him.

Tsk.  Chill out, Square Piece.  Chill out.


  1. November 20, 2011
    Kathleen Reynolds

    At first- I thought this was just hysterically funny, and now – I still think its hysterically funny with laughter calming down to a ” oh, that is just
    so sweet.”

  2. November 21, 2011
    Margaret Treadwell

    so sweet!

  3. November 23, 2011

    From all your stories before and after you started square piece, I’ve found that Brian really has his own unique way of expressing his love, appreciation and affection for you. He probably could have helped in writing the book, men are from Mars….

  4. November 30, 2011

    Hadn’t read this one yet, and Haylee told me about it today. I cracked up. I REALLY like Brian!

  5. Pretty sure, all of the stories involving what I’ll refer to as “Brian encounters” are my favorite.

    Literally. Laughing. Out. Loud.

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