The blueberries always help.

So far the highlights of my morning have been removing a tick off of my basset hound Esther, rereading the story of David and Goliath and perusing an insert I found in the Washington Post. Really, I was just looking for the grocery sales papers, but I got distracted. (More on my frugal living later.)

Perusing the Washington Post isn’t a normal morning ritual for me. On Wednesdays, however, I tend to make an exception to all the morning ritual rules. You see, Wednesdays are the days that I recover from Tuesdays. While the rest of the world laments the woes of a Monday, I start my work week on Tuesday. Not only do I start my work week on Tuesday, I usually stand for a solid 12 hours. Mentally, I absolutely love those 12 hours. Physically, my body wonders how on earth I ever agreed to this.