Passing on Excellent Taste in Music

It seems that in this, my eighteenth week of pregnancy, I’ve moved on from comfort food to comfort music.

As I think back to the tunes that enveloped my childhood, suddenly I’m craving a return of the “classics.”

My mom had us listening to Ray Boltz‘s Concert of a Lifetime, Stephen Curtis Chapman (Saddle up your horses!), Twila Paris (How Beautiful still makes me emotional), Sandi Patty, Carman (The Witches Invitation, anyone?  I can’t believe that video didn’t terrify me.  And The Champion!), Kathi Trocolli and a host of others.

My sister and I thought we were sOoOoOoOooo cool ‘cuz we rocked out to D.C. Talk.  Yeah, we carried our boom boxes around on full blast.  If you watch this video, you’ll see just how awesome we were back in the day:

I had the biggest crush on Kevin, the one with the longer hair (of course).  And, yes, we mimicked these dance moves on the playground:

(I’m almost in tears from laughing so hard!)

I wanna go back.

Years from now, I wonder what Bennett will determine to be his “classics.”  Photoside Cafe?  The Corners?  Josh Garrels?  Aubrey Tolleson?

Because of this and my internal musical nesting instincts, I’m spending the evening weeding out old music and categorizing my faves.  This boy is going to have the best taste in tunes!

And one more thing is for certain, I have got to get my hands on the old G.T. and the Halo Express stories.  When I was a little girl, I loved imagining all of the characters and to this day I still remember all of their sing-along Bible verses.  Their song II Thessalonians 3:3 was particularly comforting in times that I was afraid.  I can still hear it in my head.


  1. May 28, 2012

    Really wish they still had G.T. and the Halo Express, too! I’ve looked for it ….

  2. Our homeschool co-op did a production of “Ticket to Christmas”, the old G.T Christmas episode, several years ago now. It was great! All the families got the CD (so they are out there!), and we still listen to it in the car during the Christmas season. I also love how the Bible verses are so memorable!

    • And (I’m chatty tonight, LOL!), when Nathan was young, I also went through a phase of really wanting music I had listened to as a girl (back when it wasn’t as easy as just searching the internet!). I was soooo excited to find in a store called Media Play out on Colorado this set of CDs put out by Disney that were exactly what I remembered listening to as a girl in our little violet Toyota station wagon, over in Okinawa, when I was in 1st-4th grade (mine were cassettes, though). I was over the moon excited! We still have them, and now the girls love them. They were a lot of “classic” American songs, and it’s fun to hear my kids sing them exactly as I learned them!

  3. May 29, 2012
    Mom to a Super Model

    Oh Suzy, it was the best day yesterday! We must hang out more often. Caleb is now a huge Carman fan thanks to our Youtube conversation last evening. So much fun to look back and enjoy.

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