Patriots, Mayo and a Pic.

Those sneaky New England Patriots.

Here I’ve been perfectly happy to oppose this football team, content to rest in my stuck-up arrogance.  But now they’ve gone and signed Tim Tebow, leaving me feeling conflicted.


I love football season and all that macho drama.

Off the football field and into the kitchen… The other night I attempted my first take on homemade mayo.  I say “attempted” because I’m not 100% in love with this version.  Following this post as a guideline, I adapted it to suit the ingredients already found in my kitchen and the flavors that I thought would balance nicely.  It’s just a’ight, but holds promise and gives me a good starting point for future adaptations.

Image 6

I’m certainly open to suggestions if you have any!  But it’d probably help if I read the 261 comments below Kelly’s post.

Moving on from my nutrition to Bennett’s, if you haven’t visited Square Piece on Facebook, well, I’m kinda quiet over there.  Every now and then, however, I get a little chatty and perhaps post a lovely picture or two.  There’s a particularly precious one that Momma snapped of Bennett and me on Thursday.  Go check it out.  It’ll melt your heart.  And while you’re at it, give ol’ Square Piece a like, would ya?


  1. August 10, 2013

    You don’t need a sweetener in mayo. I would def try the coconut oil, it should solidify better, but you might want to half and half that with grapeseed oil or some other “lighter” type oil. I think I used all grapeseed and it turned out great, but I only have a blender and having to dribble in the oil real slow, drip, drip, drip was too time-consuming. :p Like I don’t have time … I just didn’t like being fixed to the one spot.

  2. August 12, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    I’ve made my own mayo a couple times. However, the past 2 times I couldn’t get it to thicken. Weird. It worked every time before that. I love the horseradish idea. Yummy.

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