Redheads don’t do chlorine.

I swam this morning.

I swam with my hair down and flowing all around me, like a mermaid.

This is probably the first of two total times that I will swim this year.

Though one of the original selling points of my current gym was the pool, apparently I forgot my stronger commitment to hair.

Redheads don’t do chlorine.

….At least, not if they want to continue being redheads.

IF a redhead wanted to enjoy chlorinated pools on a regular basis, my advice would be:

  • Wet your hair in shower water first.
  • Run a little conditioner through your hair and leave it in.
  • Put on a swim cap.
  • Shampoo promptly upon exiting the pool.

That should keep your color from fading (or browning out … or, if you’re a blonde, from greening out).

But Square Piece was done being a redhead today.

This afternoon my coworker, Mikala, took her time undoing ten months of me coloring my hair red.  (Yes, my hair went quite dark recently in The Pretty Zombie Incident, but it was still deep auburn.)

Pictures will come as soon as I look presentable.

Do you ever coordinate your workouts around a hair routine?


  1. February 27, 2012

    coordinate . workouts . LOL

    ummmm, no … my workouts consist of house cleaning and gardening …. which I assure you does not need any prior consideration for my hair ….

    btw ….. bang fever here ….. and short, really short!!!!

    I might have a relapse by the time we get to this ….

    love you!!!!

  2. February 28, 2012

    i definitely coordinate swim workouts with when i need to wash my hair next. takes some forethought but really beneficial to one’s hair, blonde or otherwise. 😉

  3. February 28, 2012

    Yep. Used to swim 3x week. Sucks but always shower before, and immediately after swimming, followed by good conditioner. Can’t wait to see your new color!

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