Reflections on my Hurricane Irene weekend.

Highlights of my weekend with Hurricane Irene:

  • Discovering that when news of disaster is looming, my impulse is to buy cheese. Specifically goat cheese.  Do I ever eat goat cheese? Not really.  But I was certain that this would comfort me if the power went out.
  • Considering bringing our beach noodle chairs inside… just in case.  Perhaps we’d be floating in the cul de sac.  You never know.
  • Being able to sleep in on Sunday morning as church was rescheduled for the evening. A girl could get used to that!
  • Being in our smaller church building on Sunday evening (as opposed to the middle school in which we meet on Sunday mornings).  The acoustics are glorious!  I just felt enveloped by the voices of the congregation praising the Lord. *sigh*  And the sermon was just what my heart needed to hear at the time.
  • Getting to play more Settlers of Catan with Brian (with electricity AND goat cheese).  I’m on a winning streak and he’s not pleased. Pray for us. 😉  (Get in on the story HERE.)
  • Fine tuning our guest bedrooms so that it finally looks like grownups live here.  And discovering that when it comes to shopping for decor and bedding, I ALWAYS and ONLY gravitate to the same colors and patterns.  Forcing myself outside of my comfort zone to establish a blue color scheme was mentally exhausting.
  • Recognizing yesterday that if the hardest problem in my life is not being able to find bedding for the third bed in our house… well… then I’ve got a pretty nice life.
  • Watching RSVP’s rack up for our backyard concert that’s in two weeks!  If you’re reading this, consider yourself invited and contact me if you’d like more info.
  • Turning my chipped-mug-friend into a brunette. She’s never been a brunette! She was going to be my model for a photo shoot that was scheduled for Sunday, but the shoot was canceled. My intentions were to maintain the blonde and give her crazy, big, fuzzy, Victorian hair. Now, instead, she’s a rockin’ brunette. See?  Change is good.


  1. August 30, 2011

    VERY flattering! she definitely rocks being a brunette!

    you’ll have to bring that game over with you next time you visit 🙂

  2. August 30, 2011
    Karen Ivey

    She looks gorgeous–simply gorgeous! Nice job! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. August 30, 2011

    Beautiful! Makes me want a hair change…hmmm

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