Shop till you droop.

Shop till you drop.

Well, I guess I did just drop onto the couch.  And my eyelids feeling like they’re dropping.  Or drooping.

Shop till you droop.

Well, this has been an utterly exhausting day of shopping.  I didn’t come home with one single item because I wasn’t shopping for myself.  No, I was shopping for my little sis, my big sis, my mom and my grandma (Ma).  It’s hard to shop for Ma when she’s not even there.  I second guess everything.

Little sis needed a dressy shrug-type jacket and some, ahem, lingerie.

Big sis needed a dress.

Momma needed a dress, shoes and lingerie.

Ma needed dress pants (that aren’t black and look like a skirt – ha!) and a shirt.

When I consider everyone’s bra size, waist size, top size and shoe size, my brain was pinging back and forth ten different sizes!  It was so hard to stay on track.  I’d set off in one direction to find a dress for Mandy and suddenly find myself perusing pant racks for Ma.  I felt like my Roomba, just bouncing from corner to corner, wall to wall, back and forth, over and over.  …On Labor Day, no less.  Crazy crowded out there!

I’d show my mom a dress and she’d absolutely refuse to try it on.  Then I’d show my big sis, Manny, an awful dress just to tease her and she’d shrug and go, “Sure, Sue.  Whatever you think.  I’m submissive.  I’ll wear whatever you pick out.”  Manny, you need to draw the line at something Barbie would have worn in the 80’s.

And speaking of Manny, I learned something today:  When projecting, “Manny!” across a few aisles (or down an escalator), every salesperson thinks her own name is Manny.  Kinda weird.  I encourage you to just shout that if you need help at a store.  It really works.

Well, I’ve got to go run out with Brian and check out a couple outfits that I have on hold.  I think my hopes of getting us all in complimentary outfits for my brother’s wedding  might have been too high a goal to attain.  But that’s what black and white pictures are for, right?



  1. September 5, 2011

    LOL @ the idea of a Barbie dress 🙂

    and yelling “Manny”

    btw, you also squoze in some awesome haircuts


  2. September 5, 2011

    LoL! I’d make a half decent Barbie or Manny doll. 😛

  3. September 5, 2011

    Haha! That’s awesome. She has so much respect for your style choices.

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