Snotties and spiders.

As a new mom, there are times when I feel like I’ve broken new ground and ventured into territory where only motherhood could have propelled me.

…Times like wiping Bennett’s snot with the very shirt I’m wearing.

But then I go and retrieve his “snotties” with my bare hands and then I realize that the whole shirt thing was a luxury.

Probably seems gross, but you’ve gotta strike when you can.  And anyhow, I don’t suppose you’re gloved when you retrieve your own snotties, are you?

Well, more ground was broken recently when a spider came close to my babe and I squashed it with my bare finger.  B.A.R.E. skin!  Imagine!

Once upon a time, I’d take a moment to grab a can of hairspray and a tissue, intending to first slow the sucker down and then to quickly scoop & flush.

Bennett’s presence in my life, however, requires me to think quickly on my feet and I didn’t even realize that I had dealt so barbarically with the arachnid until the deed was done.


Mommy Square Piece’s instincts are rarely self-regarding.  Anything could happen.


  1. August 28, 2013

    Last night another yellow jacket/hornet followed us into the house. Those suckers are huge! like big bumblebee huge!! We immediately grabbed the fly swatter and I’m chanting, “help me, Lord! help me, Lord!” while batting away at that thing. I finally hit it and it lands beside Donovan, where he’s sitting on the floor, avoiding my swipes in the air … Olivia about died laughing at how fast he scrambled to get away from it. Then … I swatted HER on the upper legs … cause there was a black beetle crawling on her shorts … she had another fit of laughter when she realized I was just reacting with what I had readily available … otherwise I would have reached out and smacked it with my hand … then squished it … they both got flushed!!! ><

  2. September 2, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    LOL. Momma SqPc! Protect your bear cub. 🙂

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