Some Girl Time.

Girls Night Out doesn’t happen that often for me, but the other night I was able to steal away with my friend, Becca.  Months ago I had offered to take her out before Baby #3 was due, but only recently did I realize that I was running out of time to fulfill my commitment!

Naturally we went to Otani.  That’s right.  You heard me.  Sushi.  Pregnant.  Uh huh. Those two can happen at the same time.

Anyhow, Becca had consigned a few things next door at Three Lil Monkeys, so with the 15 minutes that we had before they closed, we hustled next door to use some of our store credit.  The owner, Chris (who recently received his own Square Piece makeover), was gracious enough to hang out a bit past closing while we cruised through the store.  It felt like a private shopping event!  When I mentioned that I was looking for 12mo., long-sleeve onesies, Chris personally pulled about 10 off of a rack for me so that I didn’t have to do the digging.  It doesn’t get much more Girls Night Out than that!

I managed to score an adorable, handmade hoodie for Bennett.  The lovie won’t hold still for a pic anymore, so this was the best I could do:

Three Lil Monkeys find

I don’t think this cost me more than $8.00.  There’s something so luxurious about one-of-a-kind items, isn’t there?!

(Yes, Bennett NEEDED to hold on to Brian’s Best Buy reward card.)

Shopping and gabbing complete, we settled into the sushi bar at Otani and ended up closing that place down, too.  (That’s what you’re supposed to do when the husbands are home with the kids, right?)  I was useless to Becca in making sushi recommendations as all of my past experiences have blurred into one happy memory.  Never have I ordered a thing there that hasn’t hit the spot, so it makes it hard for me to remember what I’ve specifically enjoyed and why.  This time I’ve got a little more documentation to jog my memories later on:

The Countryside roll is in the bottom and The Romantic is on the top.  (YUM.)

Otani sushi

This is The Firecracker.

Otani Firecracker sushi

The one roll that I insist on each time that I dine at Otani is the Mango roll.  (I think I ate it before we got a pic.)  The lightness and the sweetness of this roll makes for a nice finish.

…Except that they always give you sherbet at the end, which ALSO makes for a nice finish.



  1. December 13, 2013

    Yummy sushi! and even yummier squishy boy! 🙂

    That is a really adorable sweater. 🙂

  2. December 13, 2013

    Ok, I will have to go dine at Otani very soon! The pictures have sealed the deal. Thanks.

  3. December 20, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Hello, firecracker! Come to Manny. LOL. I’m glad you had a nice time out and about with your friend. Bennett is such a handsome guy. That hoodie looks great on him! Oh and I noticed the best buy card right away and giggled. Seriously, toys are overrated. Ha ha.

  4. December 27, 2013

    the Romantic looks like something my favorite bento shop calls a rainbow roll–yummy!

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