Strapping on the bump.

Countless dressing rooms have been graced with my presence, have seen me shimmy and shake into a variety of dresses, pants, shirts, etc.  I’ve changed in group dressing rooms and individual stalls.  I’ve glared at the children peeking under my dressing room door and have held entire phone conversations in the stall knowing full well that everyone else can hear my end of the daily call to Momma.  On several occasions I’ve succeeded in sneaking in more than the permitted amount of garments to try on.  From Goodwill to Nordstrom, from Ireland to Canada, my wardrobe could tell some stories!

There is one store, however, in which I’ve never changed, never gazed back at my reflection, never tested, ‘But what does is look like when I’m sitting?’ : Motherhood Maternity.

Needless to say, it was kind of a surreal experience for me yesterday as I poked around for leggings.

While I don’t want to invest too much in maternity wear if I don’t have to, it seemed like leggings could go a long way.  Presently, my Old Square Piece leggings are too tight and have been packed away.  I figured that if I got a good pair or two, they could work for the rest of my pregnancy (think leggings under summer dresses and inside of fall boots).

But this really isn’t about the leggings.  It’s about the fact that I’ve never needed to be in a dressing room that had children’s toys on the floor and a velcro-strap-on-fake-baby-bump to let me see what these leggings might look like come October.

I eyed that contraption for a while, telling myself over and over, “Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  You can’t handle the sight yet.  It’s too much.  See?  You’re already overwhelmed being here.  You’re in a dressing room with baby advertisements.  Everything’s changing.  Don’t do it.”

Time stood still for a minute as I weighed my emotional preparedness.  Was I ready to see what I’d look like with a few more months growth?  Probably not.

But I strapped that sucker on anyway.

It wasn’t nearly as intimidating once I had it on.  In my opinion, the results looked nothing like a real, full-term baby bump (and I was secretly relieved).

I got both a gray and black pair of leggings on clearance for $16 apiece.  Super comfy.  Then I walked around the rest of the mall with my Motherhood Maternity bag feeling like it was drawing attention, like it was twinkling and screaming, “Look at me!  I’m not a kid anymore!

It was only after I purchased my leggings that I realized that this summer’s trend has hiked shirts back up to the mid drift.  WHAT?!  Considering the length of my torso, that’s pretty much like wearing a shirt that just barely reaches my ribs.

Internal whine: But I need something that passes my belly and my tushy!  Stupid trends…

Let me know if you spot some long, past-the-rump shirts.  I was not anticipating this wrench in my wardrobe plans.


  1. May 8, 2012

    All I see advertised around here are the long shirts, so I don’t know where you’re seeing the mid-drift stuff, maybe it’s an area thing …. in any event, you need to set your own trend.

    You can pull of any style, any where, any time.

  2. May 8, 2012

    Oh my word… NOoooo you tried on the belly… I did that too and it looks horrible! Nothing like when your pregnant. Here is why your boobs grow too so everything evens out! When I tried that on I sat down with my bestfriend in there with me and cried and cried! The thoughts ball, huge, frumpy just to name a few came to mind. They should have a warning next to that thing!

    So I have a few ideas being as talented as you are! Mens button down shirts. They are long and thin and you can sew make it a dress with a belt and leggings under it. Also I know that the “dresses” they are selling Now are short but with leggings should cover your legs. Also target maternity tanks are long! Love them… And if you have seen me over the past month I am way into maxi skirts! Hope that helps!

  3. May 8, 2012

    LOL! I’ve tried on that bump to….and was actually kinda horrified. :-p

    Perhaps some side ruched maternity shirts that fit your form pretty close but leave you room for a belly later will help with the length problem?

  4. May 8, 2012

    I thought I’d get through my whole pregnancy with out buying any maternity clothes, but much to my surprise I would much rather wear them right now =/ even though I really miss being of normal proportions. Lol I really can’t wait until little baby spears pokes out your belly a little. SO EXCITING!

  5. May 8, 2012

    Of course you tried it on…. a ha ha ha.

  6. May 8, 2012

    My closet contains many long flowing tops for the summer considering I was newly pregnant for the last 3 of the 4 summers…you know u are always welcome to come borrow anything to save u money and they aren’t maternity 🙂 and lots of comfy dressed. Also baby gap at fairoaks has maternity section in the back with a great clearance section…incase u want to venture out that way one day

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