Suzy vs. Suzanna

Upon recounting the tragic history of my name to a client last night and watching her double over in hysterics, she was stunned to find out that I usually go by Suzy.

“You’re totally too sophisticated to be a ‘Suzy,'” she insisted.



Well, Suzanna‘s got somebody fooled, huh?  My brain immediately flashed back to various blog posts in which I’ve shamelessly discussed belching, farting, pooping, my bladder, vomiting and hemorrhoids.  (You guys are real troopers for hanging with me in spite of all of this brutal and disturbing honesty.  Life’s not always pretty, ya know?)



Maybe Suzanna is; but Suzy‘s not all that proper.  Transparent?  Sure.  Quietly dignified?  Not quite.

Excuse me for being brief this morning, but I have to go pee…



  1. May 16, 2012

    LOL, a lily by any other name is still a lily. 🙂

  2. May 16, 2012

    I remember going into the salon and calling u Suzy and they were like ‘o you mean SUZZAANNAAA’ I was like O__o well Idk is that what I mean lol

  3. May 16, 2012

    You know French, ma cherie. You know words, ma petite! Of course, you’re sophisticated. The most educated and fashionable amongst us belches, farts, poops, pees, vomits and if you’re a reader or puzzle solver (on the potty), has hemmorhoids!

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