Teacher’s Pets, Part 2.

The most striking of our high school teachers wore a gold fingernail that she rotated from one pinky to another every few weeks. She shared with us that early in her career she taught at a Catholic school and the nuns questioned her use of that long nail. This was news to me! I didn’t live in the 70’s.

I am not sure how we convinced this teacher it would be a good idea, but one evening the entire high school newspaper staff (including myself and Suzy) went to her home to hang out… and play dress up!

Here is a direct account of this experience:

The Eagle’s Eye- Volume VII, Issue V (2000)

“An Evening Out”

It was a dark, rainy Monday in Hedgesville and the newspaper staff had congregated to continue a staff tradition of “Dinner and a Movie.” They decided they wanted to do something unusual on their evening out. Wild ideas flashed through their heads…mud wrestling in the newly softened earth, an overnight trip to D.C., Seattle, or New Zealand, visiting Mr. Stuckey’s home, visiting Mrs. Shultz’s house? “Wait! Visiting Mrs. Shultz might be interesting,” Suzy exclaimed. A different atmosphere would be just the change of pace needed by the staff.

Mrs. Shultz, contrary to the Kodak moment captured by Mark Mann, was thrilled to have the staff visit her casa. Oh, and what a night it was!

Highlights of the evening varied for everyone. Angel Miller was most enthusiastic about regaining her driver’s license. Mark Mann was pleased to satisfy his “ravenous” appetite with pineapple-mushroom pizza. Suzy and I both enjoyed sifting through Mrs. Shultz’s jewelry (her supply seems endless!) Everyone was entertained by the infamous horse head scene in the Godfather, but we all pondered the possibility of the event. (If you are confused, watch the second tape of the Godfather for reference.) Several staff members showed their true identities as pool sharks and other gained a few calluses on their hands from playing video games.

Basically, we decided that even a dreary evening can become a fun night when you are with friends. To Mrs. Shultz, much thanks for kindly opening your home to us. We’ll be back for a spin on your four-wheeler and a splash in your swimming pool this summer!

Here’s a photo of Suzy and I decked out in a sample of the jewelry we found.




  1. March 4, 2012

    Beautiful friendships are hard to come by …
    you girls are blessed beyond measure.


  2. March 7, 2012

    I am convinced that everyone had a classmate named Mark Mann. (Creepy!)

  3. March 8, 2012
    Adele Bernard

    Ditto on what Momma said!

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