That’s just my face.

I am currently getting the chinny chin chin treatment.

No wait, Brian distracted Esther.

Dang it.  Lost the chin.  But not before she drained me of all my powers.

I remember when I was an apprentice and I was shampooing a regular client.  For most women, this is the best part of the hair appointment.  However when I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and her expression looked as if she had stepped into an ice cold tub while trying to memorize the national anthem backwards.

Me, “Are you all right?”

Client, “Yeah.  I’m just relaxed.”

Oooooh.  So that’s her relaxed face.

Then there was the girl on my first mission trip who had what we called her “deoderant face.”  She only made this face when applying her daily antipersperant.  It was definitely scrunchy, with her mouth firmly fixed as if she was drinking through a straw that was behind her right shoulder.

Well, I have a face.

Here’s a little taste of what I look like when 1) I’ve lost my powers (so tired), 2) I’m trying to win at Scrabble or 3) I’m paying attention:

The problem with this face is that I don’t always realize when I’m making it.  And apparently I make it a lot.  One of Brian’s relatives recently informed me, “I used to think you were angry all the time.  Then I realized that’s just your face.”

That’s great.

Friends, will you please tell me if I’m making that face?  And, hmmm, I wonder if when I’m stuck in a traffic jam and all the drivers around me have that face, well… maybe they’re just thinking about Scrabble, too.

Has anyone ever pointed out any of your faces?


  1. August 10, 2011

    LOL I stopped making my “face” when I started getting Botox, it was causing wrinkles all over my forehead. Your “face” has no wrinkles but I will still tell you when you make it

  2. March 25, 2012

    Appearantly, I wear my emotions on my face, consequently, I have many “faces” 😉

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