The Hanger Party.

Upon putting my husband’s clothes away today, I discovered that I’ve been missing out on some fun that’s been hiding right under my nose:

Look at the party that’s been happening on Brian’s side of the closet!  Boy, those hangers look like they’ve been having the time of their lives, dancing and jumping and skipping in obvious glee!  Surely this has nothing to do with the way that my husband pulls his T-shirts out of the closet…



  1. February 12, 2013

    testosterone poisoning obviously causes this.. my husband’s looks exactly the same!

  2. February 12, 2013
    Joan Dedman

    Too funny and surprising! I read the title as the “hunger”party. I thought we were going to get recipes or that Bennett was going thru a growth spurt.

  3. February 12, 2013

    Chris’s closet is exactly the same! I always joke they are trying to escape lol

  4. February 13, 2013

    Justin has his hangers normal. He just leaves them on the floor… So I’m guessing he takes his shirt off the rod and then takes his shirt off the hanger and drops the hanger? Oh well.

  5. February 13, 2013

    Love the ‘testosterone poisoning diagnosis. Funny, my hangers are very peaceful, my drawers however…..

    I was thinking last night what a shock it would be for my children to see the inside of my dressers and the shelves and floor in my closet. I have to organize, straighten and dispose before any life-threatening incident occurs!

    I’m such a neat freak on the OUTSIDE !

  6. February 14, 2013

    is it only men who hang their t-shirts in closets?

    all of mine are folded in a drawer so i can use hangers for other things

  7. February 18, 2013

    Bah ha ha ha! I can’t say anything. I’d live out of the laundry basket if it wasn’t for Rachael. lol

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