The lashes incident.

Have you ever tried on false lashes? Or have you ever noticed someone else’s eyes and wished you had longer, thicker and fuller lashes?

Well, last Sunday (one week before her wedding) when I was on the phone with Caitlin, she mentioned that her lashes were quite short and that even curling them didn’t do much.

Sunanna to the rescue.

Me, “You want me to get you some lashes? I can get you some lashes!”

The next day I was at the professional beauty supply store scoping out the selection they carried. Being that Caitlin never wears false lashes, I wanted to choose a very natural, believable set. They weren’t too expensive, so I settled on two and figured she could decide upon her preference. Upon wandering around the store a little more, I discovered Halloween lashes as well. Where I work, we always dress up for Halloween. Unfortunately I’m becoming less and less motivated to find the perfect costume as I become more and more enthralled with Christmas. So I grabbed a wild pair of lashes and figured that I’d have them in my back pocket in case I never get around to finding a Halloween costume.

Here is one of the lash sets that I chose for Caitlin:

Here’s the Halloween set for me:

Naturally on the morning of the wedding, I thought it would be BRILLIANT to show Caitlin the Halloween lashes first.  I could hear myself, “No, really, Caitlin.  I think these lashes will make your eyes pop.  Everything needs to be a little heavier and exaggerated or else it won’t show up in the pictures.” (Welcome to the family, Caitlin! I’ve been snickering and giggling to myself for a week.) Well, if there’s one ability that I lack, it’s the ability to keep a straight face. Fortuntately Brian happened to call at just the right time; so I used the distraction as an opportunity to rummage through my bag and plop the lashes in front of her.

Caitlin, “Oh!”

Me, on the phone, nodding.

Caitlin, “Wait. For me?!”

Me, on the phone, nodding.

Caitlin, bursting into stitches, “No! Not for today! Not for today!  Are you serious?”

Good times.

I wish I had taken a picture of the lashes that she did end up wearing. Because now they just look like this:

But – seriously – they looked normal and fabulous before all the tears. Oh, the tears. I had not anticipated so many tears! And, being that I didn’t apply the set with super gorilla glue, those lashes didn’t stand a chance against all the weeping! I held my breath during the ceremony as I watched Caitlin repeatedly wipe her eyes. Apparently by the end of it, the lashes were dangling by a thread on the side of her face and Joey never said a word.

Oh, man.

Though I don’t think there’s an appropriate point in the ceremony to stop and pick your fiancée’s face.

Can I just say that whether Caitlin has lashes, doesn’t have lashes or if lashes are dangling on the side of her face, she’s still SO pretty?




  1. September 26, 2011
    Momma @Donna

    she was a beautiful bride in every way

  2. October 3, 2011

    A HA HA HA! Oh Caitlin… Yeah, those lashes didn’t stand a chance.

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