The Thankful Game

Wow, it’s been a week of ups and downs and it’s only Thursday!  I think it’s time to settle into some thankful thoughts and remember how good God is.

I’m thankful that the words “nurturing” and “delighted” were used last night in a unexpected, yet much appreciated compliment.

And I’m thankful that I was hand-delivered a tall, extra hot, whole milk, green tea latte upon proposing a haircut barter on Facebook.

I’m thankful that Bennett eats all the flavors that I’ve brought his way.

And I’m thankful that he’s got such a beautiful smile.

I’m thankful that I’m able to bless my siblings with back-to-school haircuts this weekend.

And I’m thankful that they trust me.

I’m thankful that my husband is so sexy with a shaved head.

And I’m thankful that pregnancy resulted in me having wavier hair.

I’m thankful for the times when people point out mistakes on my blog.

And I’m thankful that Momma has her own weekly feature now.

I’m thankful for all the quiet, positive feedback that I’ve received regarding her first post.

And I’m thankful for the public, encouraging replies, too.

I’m thankful for a mother-in-law who is totally in love with Bennett.

And I’m thankful that I’ve got company joining me at the “Which Doctor’s” today.

I’m thankful that Brian made dinner tonight.

And I’m thankful that my gas rewards from Safeway resulted in me being able to fill up my tank at under $3.00 a gallon on Sunday.

I’m thankful for nerd humor.

And I’m thankful for clothes that don’t need to be ironed.

I’m thankful that Christmas is around the corner.

And I’m thankful for cruise control.

I’m thankful for our church merger.

And I’m thankful that my friend, Jenn, made this recipe and this recipe at “Girls’ Night” last week.  As I told her, it was, like ten home runs. …And I don’t even like baseball.  Freakin’ amazing.




  1. August 22, 2013

    I’m thankful that you learned and taught us this game a loooooooong time ago … it has been a huge blessing in so many ways.

    Can’t wait to see you and squish that boy. 🙂

  2. August 27, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Looks delicious. I love it when you play the thankful game. I smile at all you are thankful for and often nod my head in agreement. We have so much to be thankful for. 🙂

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