The Thankful Game, Part 15

This evening I had the pleasure of enjoying some lovely company chez moi.  We dubbed it “Knit Night Out.”  Knit Night Out isn’t strictly for knitters; no, all sorts of crafts are welcome.  (I just think Knit Night Out is more fun to say than Craft Night.  Don’t you?)  After a delicious spread of food and wine was set out, I commenced a brief lesson on DIY coasters (made from bath tiles).  Three of the girls got busy on that project while three more of us took up our yarn and needles.

Naturally in the middle of our evening, I had to pull out the laptop for a few rounds of The Thankful Game.  (It’s always fun to have new players!)

Ruth, “I didn’t know we were going counter clockwise.  Let’s see.  I… That’s a tough one.”

Me, “What?!”

Ruth, “I’m thankful for my grandmothers because without them I wouldn’t have been able to be here tonight.”

Me, “Gotcha.”

Ruth, “They both taught me how to knit and crochet… and do crafty stuff.

Me, “Thank you.”

Ruth, “No, thank you for having me.”

Emily, “I’m thankful for a seven week old that’s sleeping through the night.”

(Who wouldn’t be?)

Lucy, “I’m thankful for Emily’s chocolate thingamadiggers that she made.  YUM.”

Emily, “They’re called Java Buttercream-Filled Double Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie Sandwiches.”

(Trust me.  The cookies are so good, it’s really not too obnoxious that they have such a long name.)

Bree, “Pink nail polish.”

Katrina, “Baby laughs.  I spent all afternoon with an eight month old.  And I’m not around kids a lot, but I just wanted to eat her.”

(Fortunately, she did not, in fact, eat the baby.)

Me, “I’m thankful for Mod Podge.”

Ruth, “Oh, back to me again.  …I am thankful for my husband.  I have to say that, cause I am.”

Emily, “I’m thankful for Moby wraps.  It’s like this giant piece of fabric that you can wear your kid in basically.”

Lucy, “Hmmm…  Well, so I’m thinking of two things… I’m thankful that my nieces text me randomly; they’re excited to see me.  And I’m thankful for a glass of wine at the end of a rough work day.”

Bree, “For glitter paint and Knit Night Out.”

(I’ve once witnessed Bree say, “I’ll put glitter on anything that sits still.”  It’s true.)

Katrina, “Um, I am thankful for… a… wonderfully talented instructor team. They’re the guys who work for me.  I went to a training day yesterday and I’m so proud.”

Me, “I’m thankful that Brian cleaned the house for me today so that I could just come home and enjoy this.  There’s no better gift.”

(Everyone yelled praise to Brian down the hallway.)

Me, “Okay, one more round.”

Ruth, “Oh, I had one.  …I am thankful for free patterns.”

Emily, “I’m thankful for Twitter.”

Me, “You do tweet a lot.”

Emily, “I’ve met some of my closest friends out here on the internet through Twitter.”

Lucy, “I’m totally stoked that I can make coasters.  Although I’m a bit concerned about this next project.”

Me, “What’s your next project?  The champagne glasses?”

Lucy, “Yeah.”

Bree, “I’m thankful for true friends, new friends, and I’m even thankful for social friends… I don’t know how to put the other part nicely… and I’m thankful for those who show their true colors… ‘Cause at least you know.”

Katrina, “I am thankful for peregrine coffee.  I am a coffee fanatic.”

(I’ve never heard of such coffee.  Am I missing out?)

I had one more turn, but we all got distracted.


I’m thankful for encouragement, understanding, the benefit of the doubt and thoughtful consideration.


  1. March 10, 2012

    What is peregrine coffee?????

    I’m thankful that Donovan’s temperature is coming down …. and very grateful that we have easy access to things like tylenol or ibuprofen …. although I think the prayers had more to do with it coming down than the meds.


  2. March 10, 2012

    Simba is thankful for new (tolerant) friends! We had a really great time!

  3. March 12, 2012
    Erin McDonald

    Oooo I love a good thankful game!
    I am thankful for a cool breeze that is making me cold right now, it doesn’t happen often around here.
    I am also thankful for refrigerator magnets so I can hang pictures of people I love on my fridge!

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