The Thankful Game, Part 16.

In honor of my 281st post, I’d like to take a minute to be thankful.

(Remember why we do this here.)

I’m thankful for when Brian likes my friends.

I’m thankful for Megan McGlover.

Okay.  Hold on.

Brian just said that I sounded like her when I was rattling off the list of things that I need to do in the next half hour.

Naturally, I need to look her up again.

No, seriously, if you’re not thankful for this video by the end of it, I’m not sure if we can be friends.

I’m thankful for zippers.

I’m thankful for laces.

I’m thankful for strength in my arms to go bowling with my girls tonight!

I’m thankful for water, water, water.

Brian, “I’m thankful for natural sunlight, soap…”

Then we bickered about his word choice about being thankful for our pets.

Brian, “Look.  Are you thankful for my six pack?  Look at it.  Look.  You’re missing it.  Look!  Look at my stomach power.  Look at it.  I’m doing my stomach power…  Ha ha ha… Are you typing what I’m saying?  …People are going to think I’m dumb.”

I’m thankful that Brian keeps talking while I keep typing.

For what are you thankful?


  1. March 24, 2012


    I’m thankful I get to see you guys tomorrow. 🙂

  2. March 24, 2012

    My mom and my hairstylist (and friend) – who could that be? Suzy, it’s you!!!!

  3. March 26, 2012

    Thankful for my children, granddaughter and granddogs. They are all wonderful, healthy, intelligent and independent.

    Thankful for many friends who give me support in the good and bad times, and bring smiles to my face.
    Especially thankful for their honesty and sharing of
    special moments in their lives.

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