The thankful game, part 9.

Wonderful day.  Not an easy day, but a wonderful day nonetheless.  Let’s be thankful, shall we?

(Oh yeah, I’m chillin’ like a villain with my chipped-mug friend, Sherri.  Puzzles + gumbo + stories = a whole lotta goodness.)

On this, my 139th blog, we’d like to take a minute to be thankful.

I’m thankful for ‘repeat’.

Sherri, “I’m thankful for puzzles.”

Me, “One thing at a time.”

Sherri, “Are you making fun of me because I’m taking so long?”

Me, “No, seriously, one thing at a time.  I didn’t want you to rattle off a slew of things that I couldn’t type fast enough.”

Sherri, “Seasonal scented candles…”

Me, “Hold on!  Back and forth here!”

I’m thankful for the way gold lip gloss tones down crazy, Easter-looking purple lipstick.

Sherri, “Oh, so you got puzzles and seasonal scented candles?”

Me, “Mmhmm…”

Sherri, letting out a contemplative sigh, “I’m thankful for the experience of listening to new music for the first time.  I love that.”

Me, “Me, too.”

I’m thankful for the moments when I can give a client advice and then she says, “Hey!  That’s what my counselor said!”

Sherri, looking around for inspiration, “A warm bed to snuggle up into on cold nights.”

I’m thankful for my pedicure foot scrub… It feels so good on my face.

Sherri, staring at the wall, taking this seriously, “Faithful friends.”

I’m thankful for the way that my husband remembers the littlest details about friends, strangers and acquaintances.

Sherri, “Early snow.”

Me, “Mmhmm!”

I’m thankful for the kindness that King David showed to Mephibosheth.

Sherri, “Beach houses.”

Me, “Ha ha ha… I’m just laughing because I heard peach houses.”

Sherri, “That’s funny.  That’s totally not what I said.”

I’m thankful for God’s ability to hear millions of prayers at the same time as mine, and yet He still answers my prayers so lovingly and individually as if I’m the only little girl making requests of her Father.

Sherri, “A job that pays the bills.”

Me, “I’m going to need you to be more inspired.”

Sherri, “Okay.”

Me, “Dig deep… and give me three.”

Sherri, “You ready?”

Me, “No…  Okay.”

Sherri, “I’m thankful for dreams that cause me to … I’m trying to say it in a way… I like dreams that cause me to look introspectively and see things that I wouldn’t normally see… cause it’s my subconscious… You figure out how to word that.”

Me, “All right.”

Sherri, “I’m thankful for God’s wrath, because it demonstrates God’s holiness.  I mean, it’s not a demonstration of His holiness… It means He’s holy; and that’s a good thing.  I really liked the sermon if you couldn’t tell.”

Me, “Okay.  You’ve given me two.”

Sherri, “I’m trying to really dig deep here, I want you to know.  That’s not what I’m thankful for…”

Me, laughing at the way she keeps looking around.

Sherri, “I’ve already come up with five lame things.  I need inspiration!  *two minutes pass*  Are you ready?  You sure?  I’m thankful for Thankgivings that I get to spend with my family.”

Me, “Do you play my thankful game ever?”

Sherri, “Yeah, I’ve tried it a couple of times.  Not really for myself, but when someone else needs a pick me up.”

Me, “You just seemed out of practice.  A little rusty.”

Sherri, speeding up, “I had a lot of things!  I’m thankful for pillows, I’m thankful for puzzles, I’m thankful for pictures, I’m thankful for chai lattes, I’m thankful for the clock, I’m thankful for paintings that I can buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond at 20% off… I had a lot of things, I just didn’t want to be lame!”


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