The Thankful Game.

I’m thankful, so thankful, for the maternity leave that I’ve been able to have for the last four months.

This Friday marks my return to the salon, so I’d like to reflect on a few things that are deserving of thanks as this special season comes to an end.

I’m thankful for the light that filters into the nursery.

And I’m thankful that Bennett – so far – has never rolled off of or fallen off of of his changing table.

I’m thankful for the look of recognition followed by a beaming smile.

And I’m thankful that we never caught the flu.

I’m thankful for inspiration in the kitchen!

And I’m thankful for Brian’s willingness to try questionable recipes.

I’m thankful for friends who have lavished us with undeserved kindness in the form of practical help – meals, advice, diapers, etc.

And I’m thankful for the peace in this house.

I’m thankful for the way Bennett puckers his lips when he tries to talk to me.  Those noises are really starting to sound like made up words!  He’s been chatty lately!

And I’m thankful for mini vans.

I’m thankful that our finances stretched this long and far!

And I’m thankful for tax returns.

I’m thankful that Bennett wasn’t hurt when we fell on the sidewalk.

And I’m thankful for every morning that we wake up, having been protected through the night and in our right minds.  (Mostly right.  *wink*)

I’m thankful that nursing worked for us.

And I’m thankful for Bennett’s grandparents who love him so much.

I’m thankful for grace, mercy, forgiveness and new chances to get good at this.

And I’m thankful for socks that stay on longer than three minutes.

I’m thankful for the teamwork that Brian and I have worked at.

And I’m thankful for the countless glasses of water he has gotten me, some with ice, some without, some with straws, some without, some in large mason jars, some in small mason jars.  (I’m less predictable these days!)

I’m thankful for the precious few nights of sleep when Bennett didn’t wake till morning.

And I’m thankful that even though he now wakes himself up and gets stuck having flipped onto his back (like a sad, little beetle), at least he IS developing and learning how to work his body.

I’m thankful for looks of fascination and looks of confusion, the way Bennett studies every little thing.  Polka dots.  Textures.  Everything.  My eyes.  My mouth.  Everything.

And I’m thankful for inspiration.

I’m thankful for bargains.

And I’m thankful for gift cards that have afforded me nice items that weren’t necessarily bargains.

I’m thankful for the ever-changing color of Bennett’s hair.  Four months now and I still can’t make out what’s going on on top of his head.

And I’m thankful for his feet and toes.

I’m thankful for the way Bennett’s eyes act like a mood ring, rimming in red when he’s sleepy.

And I’m thankful for the precious moments when he falls asleep like a rag doll in my arms.

I’m thankful for his grumpy, I’m-Not-Ready-To-Be-Awake face.

And I’m thankful for the Good-Morning Grin.

I’m thankful that being a mom doesn’t scare me in the ways that I expected it to.

And I’m thankful for the blessing of being able to develop new perspectives.



  1. February 25, 2013

    I am thankful for all three of you!

  2. February 25, 2013

    I’m thankful for today.

  3. February 25, 2013

    You forgot the THIGHS! Exquisite thighs, I must say.

  4. February 25, 2013

    Your thankfulness list brims, no overflows, with such sweet, pure joy! A true joy to read.

    • February 25, 2013

      Loved this!

  5. February 26, 2013

    I’m thankful to hear about what your heart is grateful for. Makes me thankful that God is continually blessing you greatly. 🙂

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