The thing that I do when it’s late, I have guests and I still haven’t blogged.

Our friends, the Bowmans, came over for a dual purpose tonight: Kevin and Brian are working together to rearrange and organize some trailers (and the contents therein) for our portable church while Megan is here to keep us all well fed and be her sweet, helpful self.

Me: What are you thankful for?

Megan: Um, I’m thankful for Kevin… and for the fact that he works really hard at whatever he’s doing.  I think that’s definitely his love language… like what he’s doing right now.  He’s just helping others with whatever they need.

Side note: What I was saying earlier, I literally did think for a second… cause I needed to talk to Kevin that minute… I called his cell and his work, no answer.  And I was really angry with him.  Then I thought, How can I be angry with a man who’s at work and can’t answer his phone?  I thought about it and realized I was thankful that he’s working.

Me: Hold on.  [furiously typing]  Ok.  Shoot.

Megan: For my dog, Bella, who has been an excellent icebreaker with getting to know the neighbors.

Me:  Okay.  You know your parents are going to be thrilled to read this, right?

Megan:  Another side note: the first blog that we ever read was the one about the mint and we were just roaring… ’cause I got to read it to my folks.  Oh my gosh, we just laughed and laughed.

Me: It’s pretty unforgettable.  Were they reading Square Piece at the time?

Megan:  I don’t know.  Maybe they were.  Um.  I can’t remember.

Me:  I actually told that story to a client the other day.

Megan: I just love that it hit him in the car, like, I may have peed on the mint.

Me:  Okay.  Next.

Megan: Um, Stouffers’ meat lasagna.  Just like mom made it.

Me: Not veggie?

Megan: Betty Crocker’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix.  Sorry, mom.  She understands.  Though she does make some wicked chocolate chip cookies.

Me:  All right.

Megan:  More?

Me: Sure.

Megan: I’m thankful for people you can be real with.

Me: Yes.  Yes, indeed.  Oh gosh, have I been real today.

[I briefly and vaguely caught Megan up on the fact that I’ve been dealing with an uncomfortable pregnancy issue and that I was able to lay it on two friends today.  I explained that I’m going to have to find a way to blog about it without graphically blogging about it.  I went on to say that I feel compelled to be honest for the sake of my own memory and for the sake of those who have never been pregnant and are counting on my honesty.]

Megan: It’s got to be helpful, having never been pregnant, knowing you’re going to get the straight story from someone.

Me:  …Okay.  Think outside the box.

Megan:  Um.  Outside the box?  [foot starts shaking and tapping… longer pause]  Man.  This is tough.

Me: Really?

Megan:  Well, I’m trying to think of creative things.  I’m thankful for homemade birthday cards ’cause I’m going to have to make one for Kevin.  I don’t even know how long I spent in Target today looking for a good husband card.  I even went to the blank card section.  And nothing.

Me: Hold on.  [furiously typing]

Megan:  But yeah, I was with my mom and my sister and I was like, All right, I’ll shop for the birthday card by myself first, and I swear I was there for like 45 minutes.  …’Cause I hate cards and they’re all too wordy or all too fake.  And if they’re trying to be funny, they’re just dumb.  So now my task is to gather supplies… which I do have at home… and bring them with me when I go to babysit tomorrow.

Me: It’ll be great.  One more.

Megan: Um.  I already had a lot of food items.  Um.

Me: Hold on.  [still catching up] Let me guide you.  What’s something that’s not food, friends or family that makes you feel warm and cozy?

Megan: Hmm.  Lightening bugs.

Me:  Lightning bugs?  I love lightening bugs.

Megan: I used to call them “bugging lights” when I was a kid.  They’re everywhere where we live.

I’d say that’s a charming note to end on tonight.  Wouldn’t you?



  1. July 24, 2012

    I love lightening bugs! As a child I would catch them in mason jars in our back yard with my sisters. I am also thankful for lightening bugs!

  2. July 24, 2012

    I totally agree about the cards . hard . to . find . anything . anymore!

    and … about the charming note. 🙂

  3. July 24, 2012

    Haha I can just see you Suzy saying ” I love lightning bugs.” with a tone of I get that with a side of excitement that someone else does too….

    Well I’m thankful for your blogs. Your honesty. And your friendship.

  4. July 25, 2012

    Wait…you went to the blank card section and found nothing?! Why do I think that’s so funny?

  5. July 25, 2012

    Nothing else in the world fills the same space as lightening bugs. Always unexpected and always wonderful.

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