The “Which” Doctor.

That’s correct.  Under no circumstances is the “Which” Doctor to be confused with a “witch” doctor.

A few years ago, Brian’s stepmom, Yvonne, experienced a terrifying journey involving debilitating thyroid problems and pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries and questions, specialists and experts, only to come through the other side better than ever thanks to the skillful love and attention of the very holistic Dr. Betsy of Romney, West Virginia, the “Which” Doctor.

We call her the “Which” Doctor because at the time, with Yvonne seeing so many other doctors (the “modern medicine” kind), once when she mentioned that she was going to see Dr. Betsy, someone inquired, “Which doctor?”  To which she answered, “Yes, the “Which” doctor.”

Yvonne’s story is incredible.  So incredible is it that I had to check out Dr. Betsy for myself.  In my experience, she’s helped me to 1) get a handle on some liver issues that were resulting in excruciating menstrual cycles and to 2) obliterate first trimester morning sickness.

But today we’re not going to talk about Yvonne, neither are we going to share the details of my own journey.  Those will come in time (as will a thorough Square Piece interview of Dr. Betsy herself).

Being the family “Which” Doctor is moving from Romney, West Virginia, to Winchester, Virginia, my travel time to see her will now be reduced by one hour and I could NOT be more thankful!  So I thought I’d share my father-in-law Lee’s story, one to which many can relate, to perhaps entice you to consider having a more natural doctor in your corner.

When Lee was 19, he got into a motorcycle accident and broke his back.  Ever since, he’s suffered with some back pain here and there; so it was no surprise that in 2009, when he began developing kidney stones and starting feeling the resulting back pain, he explained the symptoms away.

I’m probably just sore from bending over and painting this curb.  That old motorcycle accident… Or maybe my pants are too tight today.

That “today” was the day that everything got real (up in here, up in here…).

Feeling a sudden onslaught of back pain one afternoon, Lee left work and headed to the chiropractor.  Literally vomiting from the intensity of it and nearly blacking out in traffic, he barely made it to the chiropractor.  That adjustment bought him time enough to get home before, within hours, he needed Yvonne to take him to the emergency room… you know, where you wait, dying in pain, for hours.

To make a long story short, they gave him morphine, sent him home with a drug slightly less intense than morphine, sent him to a urologist and then tried another drug to dilate his tubes so that he could pass the stone.  Being days in agony, it wasn’t until he literally couldn’t pee before the doctors opted for surgery to remove the stone.  After the surgery, Lee was informed that while they got the stone that was causing the pain (though never physically producing it), there were more left behind and they were bigger than the one that had him vomiting on the road.  Eventually they would also have to be dealt with.

Enter Dr. Betsy.

Yvonne called her on Lee’s behalf and Dr. Betsy mailed two supplements to their house.  Lee got with the program and was x-rayed again after three weeks.

The doctors couldn’t find any kidney stones.  They were gone.  GONE.  In spite of the fact that Lee openly told the doctors that he had been taking these holistic supplements, they dismissed his explanation and explained the missing stones with reasoning like

  • maybe something was wrong with the first sonogram and the larger stone wasn’t really there in the first place.
  • you might have passed that larger stone and just not realized it.

Riiiiiiiiiiight.  That sounds logical.  *snort*

Don’t you just love it?  To this day, when Lee begins to notice that certain kind of back pain creeping up, he takes his supplements and keeps one step ahead.  Though his body seems inclined to want to produce kidney stones, Lee now knows how to manage them.

Dr. Betsy will be opening Blissful Life Center for Weight Loss and Natural Health at 661 Millwood Ave., Suite 207 in Winchester, Virginia on or around June 3rd.  Her phone number will be 540-722-2078.

In the meantime, she can be reached at 304-822-3425.  I highly recommend satisfying your curiosity.


  1. May 21, 2013

    Did she give him witch hazel or milk thistle by any chance?

  2. May 21, 2013

    So happy we have a similar doctor here. Eventually I will “get with the program” again.

  3. May 21, 2013

    Putting her in my contacts today. Thought about going so many times.

  4. May 24, 2013

    Awesome info Suzy! There is no one around here like her, that im aware of anyway. Yay! Does she see kids?

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