To elaborate on yesterday’s post…

Alrighty, about yesterday…

To elaborate on this decision, I’ve been praying about the possibility of ending Square Piece for a while.  Heaven knows that this blog has reached deeper into my heart and yours, more than I could have ever expected!  Far be it from me to snuff out a candle that brings hope, inspiration and amusement to the masses!

My soul, however, felt restless and unsettled.  Too many opportunities have been slipping through my exhausted fingers.  Once I felt a certain affirmation in my heart regarding the end of this chapter, wouldn’t it figure that so many people chose that week to voice how much they had been enjoying Square Piece?!

Typically, that type of flattery would have made me waver.  But, no, it was clear that I needed to stay the course, prioritizing my husband and my son over my enjoyment of praise and admiration.

In addition to releasing myself of a self-imposed, daily commitment, I plan on shrinking back from my social media presence as well.  Come the new year, Square Piece won’t be posting notifications of new blog posts via Facebook.  So if you like keeping up with our family, now would be the time to be sure that you receive email notifications of new posts.  While I have a history of being an all-or-nothin’ type of girl, it’s too soon to tell how frequently I’ll be posting the more journal-esque tidbits of our life here.  Maybe once a week?  Maybe once a month?  Not sure yet.  I certainly don’t mind you keeping up if you don’t mind me being very unpredictable.

Everyone’s encouragement and kindness has been super sweet.  Thanks to all for being so understanding, supportive and cheering on our little family.


  1. November 16, 2013

    Will Donna still do Mondays with Momma?

    • Great question! She knows that the offer stands, but I haven’t heard one way or another. I’ll bet she’d be happy to keep up if people sent in questions… but, then again, we’d need the questions…

  2. November 16, 2013

    I probably won’t post on a weekly basis, but if I do post I’ll try to use it to enlighten everyone on what’s happening from a Grandmother’s perspective. 🙂 So, I may have to tweak the title a bit … “Mondays with Grandmomma” …..

  3. November 17, 2013

    I’ll miss your daily updates for sure. Hope this frees up the time you’ve been craving .

  4. November 20, 2013
    Aunt Manny


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