Trying to find my square piece in the nursery.

Why are nursery glider chairs so  ugly?

No, I’m not pregnant.  I’m just taking advantage of the fact that for the first time in six years, Brian and I are roommate-free and can decorate the rest of our house the way we’d like it.  So I’m turning the pink, Audrey Hepburn room into something new.  I don’t know how to describe that something new except that there’s no pink, more Navajo White and major black and green accents.

We’ve got an exciting, black trundle day bed coming.  Now all we need is an awesome chair.

Here’s the hitch: One day this bedroom is likely to turn into a nursery.  I don’t want to invest in a snazzy chair only to boot it out when I need a glider.  And I DO see myself as the gliding-type.  So I googled gliders yesterday.  I figured that if I could envision the perfect high-back, funky-patterned chair with maroon accents… well, surely that could come in something that glides, right?  NO.  Gliders are ugly.  They’re almost all just beige, just baby pink, just baby blue, blah blah blah.  What few gliders I’ve found that actually have pattern are still just plain old crap.

I’ve never personally upholstered anything, but I’m considering learning how to do that.  Because…


Somebody save me from myself.

(Get in on the square piece urgency here.)


  1. August 17, 2011

    Suzy, the reason nursery gliders are so fugly and cutesy (kind of the same thing to me, but that’s just me) is because someone in the furniture industry seems to have sold everyone else in the furniture industry on the idea that when a woman is using her womb, she’s not using her brain (or at least the part of it that determines what looks good in a nursery) and is hormonally programmed to go all ga ga over hearts, lace, teddy bears and pastels that would otherwise make her cringe.

    yes, i know that there ARE women who go all ga ga over all that stuff, but I don’t think i know any of them. My friends who are of child rearing age think more like you do.

    therefore, instead of just buying one glider and re-upholstering it, perhaps you should consider designing an easy to use slipcover set in a variety of patterns and marketing to to women who want alternatives to what the furniture companies offer.

    and you could make them washable as well–this could well pay for your children’s college education 🙂

  2. August 17, 2011
    Margaret Treadwell

    get a free ugly glider, paint it super funky maroon, then wrap some funkier fabric around the cushions and secure with safety pins (or use cool pillow cases) You can recycle the fabric later into pillows for a toddler bed! I covered my ugly (free) glider with a quilt that matched the curtains and then gave the glider away to the homeless shelter!

  3. August 17, 2011

    ahhh, that must be why I never got one ….

  4. August 26, 2011

    Gliding IS nice. I got one at a yardsale but then got rid of it because I didn’t like the way it looked. You’ll figure something out to get what you want. In my opinion, it is a must have. (Or a rocker/recliner)

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