Turns out I can still blog! Vacation, Day 1

“There is beauty in simplicity.”  True.  Though I’m still not sure why that’s in my fortune cookie.

Three and a half hours into our drive, Brian and I stopped for a short lunch.  Prior to this, our total combined breakfast consisted of water, coffee, Pepsi and kettle corn pop corn.  It’s not such a terrible thing that my stomach was empty considering that Brian admittedly “drives like a squirrel runs.”

“Beauty in simplicity,” eh?  What ever happened to fortune cookies?  Wouldn’t you like to crack one open today and read, “You’re going to get all green lights,” or “You’ll do well when you get to aisle 5”?  Even if its prediction was wrong, you would’ve been amused for a minute at the thought of it anyhow.  And who puts that much stock in a cookie?  When did the fortune manufacturers wimp out and start printing what can only be described as comment cookies?

“Beauty in simplicity.”

I received this ‘fortune’ and chuckled to myself as I headed back to our car and admired Brian’s ability to pack it like a game of Tetris.  For going camping, I have brought my:

  • Barnes and Noble Nook
  • Our 2 Sprint EVO phones (with one acting as a WiFi hotspot)
  • My laptop
  • A coffee pot
  • A refrigerated cooler (it actually plugs in)
  • Scattegories, Settlers of Catan and Yahtzee
  • and 40 rice krispie treats

I retort, “There’s beauty in being prepared.”

Only 8 hours and 9 minutes until we reach Peoria, Illinois.

Did I mention Brian’s ‘fortune’?

“You should be able to make money and hold onto it.”

Perhaps.  But probably not this week.


  1. October 11, 2012

    YOU PLAY SETTLERS?! GAH. Promise me next time I see you that we will play – I can never find anyone to play with me!!!

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