Update bursts.

In other updates:

Who the heck is Craig Hobson and why the heck is he posting on Square Piece?!

Don’t be alarmed.  Craig Hobson is a friend of mine who also happened to build (and maintains) Square Piece.  I’m sure he’s tinkered around and somehow, as an administrator, our names got swapped in the dashboard.  That was really strange seeing that in my inbox for yesterday’s post.

Several weeks ago, for days on end, I was dreading the moment I’d have to get out of bed.  This wasn’t an I-don’t-feel-like-working thing.  No.  I just knew that when my feet hit the floor, it would hurt.  There was no getting around that initial pain from bed to floor.

Dr. Bartlett took pity on me and, in addition to adjusting my supplements so that my chin’s mountains could turn back to molehills, she did what I call the clickity-clack on my feet.  Her chiropractic genius is amazing.  When she was done and my feet hit the floor once again – POOF – pain was gone.  Love my miracle worker.

In Glass Door Salon news, in spite of the fact that I’ve gotten all of my building permits, ground has yet to be broken.  I think that because we’re a relatively small project compared to bigger business agendas, we’re having a hard time getting someone to commit to back-hoeing and jackhammering to run this water/sewer line from the street to the back side of the garage.  Without this, no renovation can commence.  Brian talked to his fourth guy today.  Verbal agreements have been made.  Here’s hoping.

In other salon news, my little sister, Olivia, will be spending eight weeks with me this summer.  Yes, she’s helping here and there in the kitchen.  She’s also assisting in the toddler department.  On Wednesday, I had Olivia practice her first kitchen sink shampoo on me.  Guys… it’s not as easy as it looks.

Image 19 Image 20

Let’s just say that I’m glad I wasn’t wearing mascara.

I miss the daily blogging, friends.  Square Piece helps me laugh at myself.  With all of the changes going on this year, it’s important to keep my heart light and to remember the grander scheme.  Don’t let me take myself to seriously!  It’s a trap!

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