Video freebie.

Phew!  This boy hasn’t given me ONE minute to be productive around the house today.  Not. A. One.

So sorry for putzing out on you, but I’m gonna have to ask for a freebie today and leave you with another video.  It’s especially special to me that I captured some of these sleepy/potentially gassy faces as my favorite expression is the one of him throwing his head back, tossing it from side to side and puckering his lower lip all at the same time.

Catch you tomorrow!


  1. December 17, 2012


  2. December 17, 2012

    Ahhhhhh! Another video? So I missed one or more?!?!?!?!?!!! How could I have? I mmmmmmmmm’d my way through this one….lots of big sighs and a heart fuuuull of joy over here. So glad you shared!!! I want to see you guys soon and cuddle with him!! Maybe then, you can get something done. 😉

  3. December 18, 2012

    I admire your resolve to keep posting!! In a month or two life gets with a lil’ one might become a bit more manageable. As Bennett gets older he’ll enjoy playing quietly…and you can do something (or sleep!)

  4. December 18, 2012

    He is so perfectly handsome. I love the roundness of his gentle face. <3

  5. December 18, 2012

    At one point, I was sure he was going to wake up and cry. Then, just as quickly, he was OUT! I am sitting back in my chair at work having a wonderful “Break with Bennett” !

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