When I outsmart myself.

We’ve all been there.

You need something. You walk to the room at the other end of the house to get it. And upon entering that room, you come to a screeching halt. Wait, what am I doing here? I know I needed something…

You might not believe it, but I have a terrible memory. Give me about a year and I’ll probably be reblogging the same stories I’ve already posted. I come up with many ways to describe my limited memory. Sometimes I like to say that I’m “losing my marbles.” On my most optimistic days, however, I decide that it’s not that I’m losing my marbles; it’s that I’m already at full-marble capacity. Anything extra just spills over the sides.

Other times I’ll address this issue by saying, “I’ve outsmarted myself.” In these instances, I realize that I’ve forgotten a brilliant moment that I’ve had in the past, but from which I am presently benefiting. In fact, that happened just yesterday. Brian and I had intended to drive home from vacation on Monday and arrive in the middle of the night. Instead we got a late start and ended up needing a hotel room so that neither of us fell asleep driving. Brian could sense my disappointment. This would have been the first time we’ve returned from vacation while giving me 24 hours to regroup before heading back to work. But rather than arriving on Monday night, we arrived on Tuesday afternoon. *sigh* I had to be back to work on Wednesday and had about 8 loads of laundry to do, not to mention all sorts of camping gear to put away. I called the salon to see at what hour my first appointment was scheduled on Wednesday. The receptionist informed me that, much to my surprise, I was marked OFF for Wednesday and would resume work on Thursday. Really? When did I do that? I must’ve known we’d probably run behind. But I definitely don’t remember giving myself that cushion. Then I patted myself on the back for being so forgetfully wise. Yet another case of me outsmarting myself.

But there have been attempts to get this under control.

Once I heard on the radio that ginkgo biloba can sharpen your mind and improve your memory. I was already in my car, so I immediately steered myself to the nearest drug store and promptly purchased a bottle of the supplements.


It does NOT improve your memory if you Can’t. Remember. To take them.

One strategy that I have to manage this condition is to always be honest. What a hassle it is to keep up with lies when you’re forgetful! Another strategy is to always be true to myself and to my God. This helps me maintain consistency in relationships and in life. I never have to remember what face to put on in any given environment. Not everybody I meet necessarily prefers the regular me, my everyday face; but thankfully this prevents me from wasting time developing relationships that are shallow and ingenuine (which I’ve just discovered isn’t really a word, but I’m making it one today).

By the way, I forgot to blog yesterday.

Did I mention the part about losing my marbles? Oh, yeah. That’s right…

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