When soon-to-be parents start wondering…

We found the secret portal to feeling Bennett move.

It’s undecided as to whether or not he was kicking, punching, bumping or what… But last night I made Brian jam his finger into my belly button to feel Bennett’s movement better.

Brian always ever so lightly touches my stomach because he’s afraid to hurt me and the baby.  Then I have to put my hand on top of his hand and push down harder on the belly.


Last night’s belly activity looked like a regular freak show.  But we’re freaks, I guess, so we loved it.

Snippets from last night’s conversation:

Me, “If you had to choose between Bennett being an excellent guitar player or an excellent football player, which would you choose?”

Brian, “Oh, guitar!”

Me, “Really?!”

Brian, “Yeah.  He’s gonna be small so…”

Me, “But what if he gets Joey’s genes and your Uncle Butch’s genes?”

Brian, “Yeah, well, they are kinda built the same, aren’t they?”

Me, “I think so.”

Brian, “Well, if he’s got my Uncle Butch’s genes, he’ll be a great athlete.  If he’s got Joey’s genes, not so much.”

Then we somehow segued into a sports conversation where Brian insisted that swimming isn’t a sport, golf isn’t a sport and gymnastics isn’t a sport because there’s “no running.”  When I asked him about snowboarding, he acknowledged that that‘s a sport because “it’s fast.”  After pestering him with a bunch of “What about _______…?” (naturally I had to mention bobsledding), he then wrapped up the athletic category by deeming any activity that he didn’t personally have an interest in as “not being a sport.”  (You must know that I had a lot of fun with this one.)

Then, taking a serious note, we wondered what Bennett’s weaknesses might be.  We all have a weakness or an area of sin that is particularly more difficult to fight off than other temptations.  With our two minds together, having been fueled on tuna sandwiches (and, for me, some ice cream as well), we determined that a particular sin weakness doesn’t define a person, especially when they aggressively battle that temptation.  It’s only when that person succumbs to that weakness that they begin to be defined by it.  For instance, when a man walks into a store and always resists the urge to pocket a few items discreetly, he is not a thief.  It’s only when the man chooses to give in to that temptation (first mentally, then physically) that he begins to be defined as a thief.  But it’s not only thieves who struggle with the urge to steal.  So we wonder what Bennett will struggle with…

Kind of a weird note to end on, but there’s so much to wonder when a new little life is entering the world.  And we’ll keep wondering, not worrying, but wondering about him until (and I’m sure beyond) the day we meet him.  It’s becoming increasingly obvious why the Bible encourages us to “pray without ceasing.”  Right?


  1. August 9, 2012

    Yep, pray without ceasing, coupled with trusting them in the Lord’s hands, always …

  2. August 9, 2012

    Justin and I keep wondering what Silas will be like. He seems so restless in the womb. While Caden was mr. Chill and still is. I wonder is it because he is bigger and needs more room or is it something to do with his personality? Then I just have to take it to the lord! So excited about you being a mommy and having a mommy to walk with!

  3. August 9, 2012

    I don’t think the wondering will ever end. As Bennett grows up, he’ll continue to develop his own personality and with that will come brand new opportunities for amazement, excitement, wonderment, and sometimes disappointment. But that’s where Prov. 22:6 comes in, and you and Brian will have thatplus all the prayer support you can handle!

  4. August 10, 2012

    You never stop wondering about your children and what they will be like in the next stage of their life. Then, you have a grandchild and wonder about their fate. Keeps an old person wanting to stay alive!!!!

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