Where did all this time come from?

As I was knee deep in fabric, pins, needles and ironing, yesterday my BFF, Katie, gave me an unexpected phone call and took my mind off of my DIY Roman shades.

*sigh*  I needed that.

No, my shades are not finished.  Presently, there is super glue on six out of ten fingers, newspaper lining the living room floor and I’ve given up the barricade that was supposed to keep the dogs away.  (Separation anxiety galore!)

Katie asked me a legitimate question that I feel the need to expound upon here at Square Piece.  Pretty much, how on earth have I had the time lately to do all these crafty projects?  Do I not lead an already busy life?

My high school anatomy teacher always preached that ‘people find time to do what they want to do.’  As have I.  Here are a few changes that have given my crafty nature some room to grow:

  • I don’t read much now.

If I’m being honest, I can’t do both.  If I pick up a novel, I’m distracted by how many ideas I have dancing around my head.  On the other hand, when I’m feeling beat and nearly tapped out of crafty gas, I tend to gravitate towards more peaceful, quiet times on the couch with a book.  But the two, in my life, never go hand in hand.

  • I don’t watch the television at all… mostly.

Brian and I have gotten rid of cable as there’s such a selection on Netflix and Hulu.  When we had cable, I enjoyed HGTV and The Food Network Channel.  This time of year I’d also be caught up in American Idol.  And anyone who knows me at all knows that I don’t need TV as long as I’ve got my 10 seasons of Friends on DVD.

The only shows I’m following now are Once Upon a Time (when Brian pulls it up on Hulu) and, unfortunately, Whitney.  Now, the reason I’m watching Whitney is NOT because it’s a good show.  It’s a terrible show with terrible acting.  Think Disney preteen show + adult humor + equally poor actors.  No, I watch Whitney with morbid curiosity as I have never been compared to an actress so much in all my life as I’ve been compared to Whitney Cummings.  The looks.  The voice.  The gesturing.  The humor.  The timing.  The big eyes.  The expression.  Etc.  I’ve literally got a notebook at work to keep a tally of the number of people who bring this up.  (What do you think?)

Additionally, you’ll see that since I haven’t been reading or watching TV, I’m not getting any news coverage whatsoever.  Presently I’m feeling a light-hearted, ignorant bliss on planet Square Piece.  Now that I don’t watch the news, I experience much less anxiety and don’t go to bed feeling like A) the world is coming to an end, B) our country is coming to an end and no one is to be trusted and C) neither of those matter cause the MS-13 will probably kill me first.

  • We don’t have roommates anymore.

… So I’m home a lot more now.  Brian and I opened our home to a variety of roommates for six years.  We’ve been married for seven.  (See how that works?)  It’s hard to get in a crafty zone when there’s more traffic, more noise or less space to work.

  • I don’t work overtime anymore.

Quality of life.  *sigh*  Can’t put a price on that.

  • Brian helps so much with home maintenance and meals now.

He’s got much more flexibility in his schedule than I do, so this is a real treat.  Now that I don’t have to come home from a full day’s work just to get started on dinner prep, I can tackle other projects.  Ya folla’?  (Holla!)

So what are some changes you’d like to make in your time management?  What inspires you?  What’s calling to you?  And what seems to be eating away at your time these days?  Where is there room for some time-wasted weeding?


  1. February 7, 2012

    I folla!

    You should know, Missy, that YOU were the one that told me about Pinterest … ’nuff said.

    I stopped watching the news because it’s so depressing, but last night I got sucked into a really awful child abuse story that someone mentioned on FB … course I had to go look it up. 🙁

    This morning required some extra time in the Sonshine to reboost my trust metabolism … hence my verse(s) for the day ….

  2. February 7, 2012

    1. I know im on the whitney list from years ago. However watching that show have since made me change my opinion…when she was on chelsea lately thats when she reminds Me of you bc she was being herself and it wasnt staged. U should switch and watch grimm. Its good and i too am watching once upon a time.

    2. Can u please say this ya folla at work so i can hear that in my head when i read these instead of the awful tone that ive created while trying to imagine how you say it and gesture it 😉

  3. February 7, 2012

    I enjoyed this post. That Fieryism is the one I remember the most! One way I have saved myself some time is by trying to reign in the amount of time I spend worrying, thinking about the what ifs/ what will be, etc. I’ve actually created a list on my iphone entitled, “Happiness is…” in which I list the things in my life that make me happy right now. When I start to slide into a negative thought pattern, I bring up the list. It’s like a cousin to the Thankful journal, but more focused on the things I enjoy doing in the present. 🙂

  4. February 7, 2012

    Mr Fiery! I liked him. I remember “Don’t settle for mediocrity”. Something like that anyways. Planet Square Piece! I do think that ignorance is bliss. I live in my own little world most of the time. Have no big worries and no real sense of urgency. I get too passionate and crazy about things otherwise.

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