White Collar Sideshow

We haven’t enjoyed showing hospitality to a band since our buds from Listener crashed here a few months back.  Last night I got all Italian and cooked up some goodness for the likes of White Collar Sideshow.

Me:  So, when I told Momma that we were hosting you and she asked me what you were like, I had a hard time putting your gig into words.  How do you describe yourselves as a band?  How do you describe your concert?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) White Collar Sideshow is one part film and one part music. We combine the two to create an intense live experience. We provide the live soundtrack to an original movie that plays on stage with us. We filmed “The WitcHunt” over a 13 month period in Arkansas with about 100 actors. It’s loosely based off of the seven deadly sins.

Me: What were you expecting when you arrived last night, having never stayed with us before?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) We have stayed with RYFO homes before so they all tend to feel very warm and welcoming. We love and support the RYFO community and are so thankful for the RYFO people who love and support us.

Me: What weren’t you expecting?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) We didn’t know you were over 8 months pregnant! So exciting. When I found that out, I honestly didn’t expect such a delicious, healthful, home cooked meal….not that pregnant people can’t cook, lol, just that I would have completely understood if you had fed us something way more simple! (We had pasta with HOMEMADE SAUCE, delicious veggies and salad and homemade dressing….it was so good!)  I know T didn’t expect to hear “Would you like to watch Monday Night Football with us tonight?” The boys were stoked on that one!

Me: What do you wish people understood about life on the road?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) I feel like most people think we live a very glamorous life… It’s far from that. We live in a 30′ RV with 3-6 of us at any given time. We tore out the bathroom to build bunks so we don’t have running water or a toilet. Most nights we play a show and drive to a Wal-Mart or a truck stop. I am a pretty good cook, so if we have food and time, I will whip up something decent on the George Foreman Grill, but most of the time we eat if we are fed at the show or we eat a lot of tuna, trail mix and granola bars in the RV. We shower about once a week and have learned that the family bathroom in the back of a Wal-Mart store makes a pretty good “shower.” We live a pretty minimalistic life…

Me: What sort of moments have you experienced on tour that leave you feeling like every sacrifice you’ve made has been well worth it?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) When someone “gets” what we do and has a life changing experience….it’s all worth it. Whether it’s meeting Jesus for the first time or just coming back to the Cross… We have also had many “God Moments” that don’t even involve our show. People we have met along the way, stories we have shared…we have learned that this is a very small world and we are all so similar regardless of how different we may seem from afar.

Me: What makes you feel at home?

White Collar Sideshow: (Philip) A good meal and welcoming attitude wherever we stay. We try to meet people where they are regardless of circumstance. We love conversation and the openness between people that makes that possible.

Me: Do you prefer white or multi-colored lights on a Christmas tree?

White Collar Sideshow:

(Philip) I grew up with colored lights every year. I personally prefer white lights. I think they look classy. It also drives me nuts when people mix colored and white lights in their yards during the holidays.

(V) I had colored lights on my tree every year. I used to LOVE turning off all the lights in the house except for the tree and laying underneath and looking up. I am a bit psycho when it comes to outdoor lights. I don’t really care what lights are used, I just believe that if you are going to decorate, do a good job. They make fancy little clips so your lights can be straight….

Me: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

White Collar Sideshow:

(Philip) I always wanted to be a firefighter, and I still geek out when i see a truck racing with its lights on.

(V) I wanted to be a Broadway star. Still do…

Me: Is there anything in Scripture that is presently encouraging or challenging you today?  Be specific.

White Collar Sideshow: (TD)  Phil 4:13.  My younger brother passed away 2 years ago this month (Oct.) and we shared this scripture as a constant  reminder that Christ can conquer anything that consumes us no matter how difficult. To this day as hard as this month is, I’m finding how true this becomes.

Me: What’s one interview question you wish people would ask you?

White Collar Sideshow: (V) I am obsessed with my dogs. They live with us on the road. I have had them for 8 years. I would love any question about my baby girls. We were a special feature on Season 5 of the Dog Whisperer…they’re kind of a big deal 😉

(Side note: The episode never aired, but it’s on the bonus DVD of the season five series.  Brian and I watched it.  It was fabulous!)

Me: Do you have a favorite video of yourselves that I could link to Square Piece?

White Collar Sideshow: We have some good interviews out there telling our whole story.  (As seen in the bottom two videos.)  We are also stoked on our new show – teaser below (Warning!  It’s spooky!) – and have some videos on www.whitecollarsideshow.com of our new set.

(All right, readers, you should check out their site!  It’s a really unusual experience! )

White Collar Sideshow Interview One21Music.com Part I from Dylan H on Vimeo.

2nd edition with White Collar Sideshow and One21music.com from Dylan H on Vimeo.


  1. October 9, 2012

    Sounds like another awesome experience for everyone involved. Great interview questions! I feel like I know them much better now. What did Esther think of their pups? 🙂

  2. October 9, 2012

    Sounds like this band would be your perfect house guests for your Christmas decorating extravaganza. I loved that Philip specifically stated a preference for white lights, because they are “classy”…that actually made me laugh out loud.

    Also, thank you for sharing the links to their interview One21music.com, it spoke to my heart. Especially, when they referenced how so many people live their lives like zombies, and are slaves to the “American” dream. I am still amazed at what people can leave behind when God is in their corner. However, it did give me pause to think how lucky they were to have been able to come to this lifestyle by choice rather than being forced into it through life circumstance. I was just reading a story in the paper yesterday about a single mother who had bought 14 round-trip busfares from DC to NYC for her and her 2 yo son, so that they would have a safe place to sleep because there weren’t enough homeless shelter beds to house them.

    I am humbled and thankful for a warm bed and nourishing food, praise the Lord. Have a great day!


  3. October 9, 2012

    can’t wait to show this one to my husband. we are big fans of WCSS, as well as friends of theirs. their ministry has impacted us, significantly, from the moment we first met them at a music festival. now that i think about it, susie you seem like someone who would get along very well with veronica. 🙂

  4. October 9, 2012

    I love how she says ” I’m a jerk everyday and Jesus forgives me.” amen! Such a testament for us to have patience and forgiveness when we realize the father works with us every day.

  5. October 9, 2012

    Love your band interviews! White lights rule ;0)

  6. October 12, 2012

    Honesty, integrity, passion and purpose. Everything
    I believe. Wise men in this group.

  7. October 15, 2012

    That video clip was spooky! Yikes!

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