Word Association.

So the fam is in town.  Momma urged me to set up another word association game, so I indulged her and included my husband and siblings this time.  Personalities are so clear when people begin spouting the first thought to come to mind upon hearing a particular word.  Enjoy analyzing this silliness!


Donovan. Pumpkin

Olivia. Cake.

Momma. What did you say?

Brian. Patriots.


D. Bar

O. Yucky.

M. Yay.

B. Ugh


D. Oliva

O. Me

M. Well, today I would say, I don’t know.  Demanding.

B. Suzy



O. Pink

M. I don’t wear ’em.

B. Love ’em.


D. Flop

O. Flop

M. Flop

B. Off


D. Grenade.

O. -‘phemy.

M. Have a –

B. Off


D. Guitar string.

O. Twitter.

M. Off.

B. -er.  Tweaker.


D. Balloon

O. Donovan

M. Balloon

B. Awesome *in a high pitch voice*


D. Power point

O. Book

M. Putting a fence around the yard.

B. Work.


D. Tart.

O. Disease.

M. Don’t have ’em.

B. Sherri’s wedding cake.  I loved Sherri’s wedding cake.

(Made by Jesselyn of Eat Cake!)


D. For reasons unknown to me, a burrito popped into my mind.

O. Beak.

M. My mind is blank.

B. Stupid basketball team name.


D. The magic dragon.

O. Powder Puff girls.

M. The magic dragon.

B. Nicotine gum.


D. Orange and black.

O. Mandy.

M. Tiger.

B. A giant region in India.

(I had intended to refer to bangle bracelets, but my sister is a Cincinnati Bengals fan and has made quite the impression.)


D. Jack jumps a candle stick.

O. Cotton candy and a picture of the fair.

M. I have ’em.

B. Box.


D. Sponge Bob.

O. Pluto.

M. I have to think about who Neptune is…  That’s what I was thinking… was which one is Neptune?

B. I think there’s, like, a music group called the Neptunes.

Ice cream.

D. Sweet Frog

O. Yummy.

M. Mmmmmm…

B. I love ice cream.


D. John Steinbeck’s 1962 Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

O. Not me.

M. Knoebels.

B. Well, because of the way you said it, it makes me think of that woman from Atlanta.


D. Eggs.

O. Twinkies.

M. Suzy always beats me… or mostly always beats me.

B. I hate that game, but it’s good for my marriage.



  1. August 23, 2013
    laura stone

    Ok I think like Donovan.

  2. August 23, 2013

    First Prize (in my book) : A Tie!

    O. -’phemy.
    D. John Steinbeck’s 1962 Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

  3. August 27, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    BAH AHA HA HA HA. SO many of these made me laugh out loud!

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